Shamanic Retreats


Energy Medicine for the Soul

Strong Medicine I


When we go to our wild places 

It’s there we find our true nature




– Let’s drum, rattle, chant. Let’s reconnect with all the parts of self. Together, let’s hold Sacred space as we journey through the archetypes of the Sand-Painting Medicine Wheel. Here on this journey, we will step into the wild places within; releasing the weight of our own history and all that we no longer wish to carry. It’s here on this journey we will return to self, allowing our soul re-remember it's reason for being born. It's here we step into a state of grace of who we are now and who we are becoming. It’s here we begin to dream our dreams with new hope and possibilities. 




Let’s go to the wild places and find our true nature.


· Sacred Fire Ceremonies

· Receive two Munay Ki Rites:

· Healers Rite: Connecting you to the healer within, and a lineage of healers that have come long before you.

· Bands of Power and Protection: 5 luminous belts that are woven into your luminous energy field (LEF) and act as filters, to protect us… to hold us… to keep us safe in the world… so that we can live the real story that brought us here, walking with grace, fearlessly out in the world.

· Walk the "Spirit Catcher" wheel 

· Connect with 4 Archetypes of the Inca Shamans 

· Open Sacred Space

· Open Personal Sacred Space

· Drum and Rattle Journeys; power animal retrieval

· Journal work

and so much more.


Here in this Shamanic retreat long weekend we will be releasing, re-remembering, and stepping back out and into the world, empowered to continue our epic journey here on earth with ease, grace, and beauty.



shamanic retreats in the outdoors

July 18 - 21, 2019

 Mattawamkeag River, Maine

Thursday 4pm arrival

Sunday 4pm departure

$395.00 Includes all meals and lodging

Once enrolled a confirmation and list of things to bring will be sent. 

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